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Associate (Full Time)


Novantas is a leading strategy consulting firm that provides advisory services and technology solutions to the financial services industry. Our headquarters is in NYC, with major offices in Toronto and Chicago, and satellite offices in Charlotte, Sydney, London, and other strategic worldwide cities. Our uniting belief is that insights from superior analytics are the foundation of differentiation and superior performance. Hence, our consulting work and recommendations are derived from data and leading-edge analytics—whether we are helping a bank optimize home equity loan pricing, advising on the strategic direction of an international commercial banking division, redesigning a retail bank value proposition, or estimating the liquidity characteristics of an arcane portfolio of deposits.

More specifically, we support our clients in three ways: consulting services, software solutions, and cutting edge customer research. Our consulting engagements provide analysis driven-insight on pressing strategic decisions. Our software solutions provide platforms for our clients to “fish on their own” – using the proprietary tools we have fine-tuned through work with hundreds of clients over decades. While all our engagements are grounded in strong analytics and increasingly big data, our best work occurs at the intersection of analysis and innovative thinking, where we can use robust models to help clients adapt to the rapidly changing customer and market landscapes.

We have conducted thousands of engagements for hundreds of banks, payment networks, wealth managers, and other providers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Latin America. The vast majority of large banks in our primary geographies have engaged us, usually many times. We are proudest of how many institutions repeatedly seek our advice when they encounter unforeseen challenges.


Our clients engage us to resolve their most challenging problems, which frequently require innovative techniques, firm-wide collaboration, ingenuity, and hard work. We are looking for candidates who are excited by these challenges. Incoming knowledge is less important to us than an inherent ability and desire to learn.

We seek college seniors who are exceptionally bright, analytically-driven, and highly motivated, who thrive in collaborative cultures and enjoy critical reasoning.
We find that our most successful people are relentless problem solvers. They seek leadership roles, think creatively, and often have a penchant for introducing quantitative analysis into their everyday lives. Strong candidates do not scare easily. They are adaptable to interacting with people of different backgrounds and cultures in pursuit of goals that may be seemingly impossible to comprehend. They are interested in working as part of small multi-disciplinary teams and have a desire to take personal initiative.

While no job can be reduced to bullet points, our list of desired skills looks something like this:
  • Superior analytic “wiring”
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to thrive in ambiguity
  • Pride in your work and your team’s work
  • Self–disciplined
  • Objective and logical thinker
  • Socially graceful
  • Self–assured but not arrogant
  • Diverse interests beyond comfort zone (specifically beyond school/work)
  • Demonstrated achievement and leadership

Our CEO has a sign above his door that says that imagination is more important than knowledge. Perhaps he stole that from someone, but we take that to heart. We are delighted when candidates join Novantas with proficiency in Excel, strong database coding capabilities, and a well-reasoned dissertation on how banking regulation should be refined to prevent the next (inevitable?) financial crises. But as much as being a PowerPoint wizard will aid your early months at our firm, it will have no bearing on your long-term success.

We hire candidates who want to commit to learning how to see the banking world as we do – and who will then have the gumption to challenge our established views. Top candidates need not have specific knowledge when they join, but they must have a hunger to develop specialized banking expertise at Novantas.


Let us never become such a bureaucratic firm that everyone’s career path is identical. Associates at Novantas play a variety of roles,
depending on the needs of our clients, the needs of the firm, and the evolving skills of the Associate:
  • Formulating hypotheses and proving them analytically
  • Organizing and mining large data sets to develop insights
  • Writing and presenting analytic findings
  • Participating in and leading working sessions, with both internal and external clients
  • Building financial and forecasting models
  • Conducting statistical analysis
  • Making mistakes…and learning from them


Clients engage Novantas to solve some the most challenging strategic problems facing banking executives today such as “How do I
compete in a market?”, “How do I differentiate myself from my competitors?”, or “Under what circumstances will my bank
collapse?” . There is a reason why our employees are called on to speak at major industry events and are quoted in effectively all
relevant industry publications. You should join Novantas to be part of this team. Our Associates enjoy an unmatched opportunity to
work closely with senior partners and client executives, often from their first day with the firm. Our Associates develop strong analytical and presentation skills early on that are invaluable for the rest of their careers – even if they decide that banking will not
play a major role their careers. We celebrate Associates who leave Novantas to pursue law degrees, fashion careers, and indie
movie directing (yes, we had one of those) just as enthusiastically as we celebrate those who advance to become partner (we have
many of these).

Of course, we offer a competitive salary along with a complete benefits package.

Novantas is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and sees diversity as a key enabler of its success.

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